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About Pneumatic Machine Repair

about pneumatic machine

Pneumatic Machine

At Pneumatic Machine Repair, our mission is to provide the construction and quarry industry with the highest level of equipment, support and service, while building strong business relationships and helping them to save time and money with our competitive prices. We believe the key to success is providing repairs and re-builds of unsurpassed quality as well as a serious commitment to our customers and the service we offer.

We at Pneumatic Machine Repair take all necessary measures to ensure your Rock Drills, Rock Hammers, and Rock Chippers success by striving to meet and exceed our client's expectations. All our technicians are board-certified and credentialed, so we can apply the necessary expertise to ensure your Rock Drill or Hammer is repaired, rebuilt, or reconditioned on time and to its peak performance. We believe that success can best be achieved by providing our customers with the highest level of service and support, building trust and relationship.

Our 5 Step process

We understand the importance of your equipment and it's cost, so we have mastered the repair and rebuild process on all Pneumatic tools.

We treat your equipment the way it should be, with expertise knowledge.

Step 1. You Tool is disassembled

Step 2. All parts are thoroughly chemical cleansed

Step 3. All parts are checked and inspected for:
Damaged parts
Worn out seals and o-rings

Step 4. We contact are customer and explain the main issue that caused the Tool breakdown and go over some options on repairs that fit their budget.

Step 5. You Tools is brought back to working condition and OEM Specs. Delivered to yard or job site with a certified 6 month warranty certificate. Turnaround time - 1 to 3 working days.

pneumatic tool repair
pneumatic tool repair
pneumatic tool repair
pneumatic tool repair

Get in touch with our tool repair shop

When you choose our pneumatic machine repair shop, you are choosing the best. When you bring us a tool to repair, we will do our very best to get you the tool back as quickly as possible.

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